With so many different brands and products competing for your audience's attention, you need a way to present your company and what you do that is going to make it stand out in the market and differentiate it from the competition.


At Kaptiva Group, we use our extensive marketing experience to help our clients learn about their audience's needs and preferences, create a strong brand idea  and create marketing solutions that inspire and motivate people to buy.


We also work with Kaptiva Photography to bring ideas to life through imagery.





Capturing Your Audience's Attention

According to a study by Microsoft, the average attention span is now down as low as 8 seconds. That doesn't give you very long to grab and keep their attention with your communications


At Kaptiva Group, we help brands, businesses and individuals create ideas and communications that work hard in the first 8 seconds so that motivate your customers and drive sales.


From smarter and more compelling strategic ideas to photographic imagery that will inspire your audience, our work will improve the effectiveness and impact of your communications and make your brand work harder for you in the marketplace.

Know Your Audience

The first and sometimes most important step in ensuring that your ideas and communications work hard for your brand or business is having a profound insight into your audience's needs, motivations and attitudes.


At Kaptiva Group, we use innovative and creative methodologies both on and offline to uncover insights that we can use to market your business in a way that will engage your audience.


Our methodologies include focus groups, online research,  idea testing,  one on one conversations, and the application of projective techniques including archetypal mapping and strategic sorting.





qualitative and quantitative research on and offline.

evaluation of communication, positioning, and new product ideas.

facilitation of workshops and group discussions.

in-home & on the street lifestyle capture.







brand idea development

brand positioning

creative briefs

mapping competitive differences

Before you start developing your marketing or advertising content and materials, you need to know the idea that represents what your brand and company stand for.


Having a very clear brand idea or positioning based on your audience's motivations and needs, helps you make much stronger connections with them. It also allows you to create a consistent messaging thread that runs through everything that you say or do in relation to your brand.


We can help you identify an idea for your brand that will help it optimize it's relevance to its audience and differentiate it from your competition.


Your Brand Idea







 Brand identity - Tagline/Logo

 Website and Brochure Design

 Presentation Design

 Online Resumes


Kaptiva Photography



Kaptiva Photography is a central part of the Kaptiva Group, and believes that every image tells a story. We capturing the magic in every smile, every room and all the things that surround our lives and provide us with inspiration and pleasure.


Areas of specialization include portrait photography, lifestyle, real estate and outdoor.


More information can be found at www.kaptivaphotography.com






Copywriting & Creative

How you present your company to the world and to your audience can be the difference between success and failure.


Your company needs to quickly capture people's attention, intrigue them with what you are offering and encourage them to want to know more.


We can help you present your company in a way that instantly captures your audience's eye, through copy that clearly and powerfully communicates your message, an outstanding website, an impactful logo and brand identity and even sales presentations or personal resumes.

How you present yourself and your company is more important than ever in today's crowded market environment.







business english

resume writing

interview skills

small business planning

business coaching

Business English & Coaching


Do you feel that improving your fluency in English would help your overall business performance? I have a certification in teaching English from the London School of English and I still teach online with the school. I teach online using Skype and can help you refine your skills for business conversation, writing emails, presentation, as well as job interviews and resume writing.


I can also help you refine your business ideas and create a launch strategy for your company if you are an early-stage entrepreneur.




"The Kaptiva Group's worldly experience sets her apart from other colleagues. She's not afraid to question her client on the details of a brief if she can point out suggestions for improvement."

mark carlson

creative director, mcdonald's.



Janie - black and white in the algarve_e

Janie Curtis - Principal/ Kaptiva Group 

Janie Curtis is British but already feels half-Portuguese ! She has lived and working in the UK, Italy, Canada and the USA and has held leadership roles in insight development, strategy and creative for leading international advertising agencies including J.Walter Thompson, Mullen, EuroRSCG and Leo Burnett (DMB&B). She has successfully re-positioned brands for clients including Kraft Foods, Walgreens Pharmacy, General Motors and Hilton Hotels. Her passion is to use the power of language to express new insights, ideas and strategic premises in order to increase a brand's ability to make a profound and meaningful connection with it's audience.

Peter Curtis - Principal/Kaptiva Photography

Peter has taken photographs all over the world, including the US, UK, Canada, Barbados, Costa Rica, Mexico and Portugal. He has done real estate photography for leading real estate brokers in the US including Baird and Warner and Keller Williams. He specialises in portrait, event, real estate and outdoor photography and would be happy to work with you to sell/rent your home or capture the magic at your next big event. You can reach him at peter@kaptivaphotography.com



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